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Album reviews:

Imperiumi (Finnish) "...when you got over the initial surprise, the combination began to sink like a 9mm bullet to a zombie's frontal lobe."

MetalBite (English) "Finnish scare rockers Rocking Corpses combine brilliantly a few simple, yet very identifiable musical genres into one blood stained entity."

Hard Rock Info (English) "This is a duo that call their music "horror death rock", and why not? It's actually a perfect description on this."

Metal Maniacs (English) "There is a country boogie to songs like “Necropolis” that sound like Cannibal Corpse and Hank Williams Jr. are playing a bar together. This sounds like Six Feet Under, yet MUCH better!"

Canadian Assault Zine (English) "Yeah Rock ‘N Rott is some whack shit, but it is some good whacked shit that will have you rocking in the aisles and knocking down bowling pins with severed heads."

Global Domination (English) "Along the whole record, there’s quite a few moments when a horror punk-like sound will appear, and hell, did I enjoy that fusion!"

Ave Noctum (English) "As an album, Rocking Corpses perverse view of the world manifests as contagious heavy rock festering with death metal whilst drowning in bourbon. Check it out... You will be amply rewarded I assure you."

Forbidden Magazine (English) "You want horror? You wanna party? You want death metal with a worm-ridden spoonful of beer-chugging rock n’ roll influence? Look no further!"

Aquelarre Zine (English) "This is what it would sound like if Black Sabbath did death metal. Mercilessly infectious!"

Battle Helm (English) "There is a charm to this that puts a smile on my face."

The Grim Tower (English) "...every once in a while a disc comes along that really leaves a mark on me, and this release did just that."

Heavy Metal Tribune (English) "The music here is catchy as hell, and as the album progresses, one can’t help but find himself humming along to the tunes."

Rock n Reel Reviews (English) "Necropolis has an unbelievably catchy opening guitar lick. So much so I’m using it as my mobile phone ringtone."

The True Bringer Of Death Zine (English) "In my opinion Rocking Corpses are a very great sounding hybrid of death metal and rock music and if you are a fan of this musical style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED BUY."

FFM-Rock (German) "...and rocks off like crazy."

Twilight Magazine (German) "...blues influence on ROCKING CORPSES is much larger."

Crossfire Metal (German) "Rock N' Rot has a lot of good ideas."

Queens Of Steel (Spanish) "...something fresh and brave always good news."

Metalhead (Italian) "There is the stench of death, but also alcohol..."

GreekRebels (Greek) "So anyone who wants to hear something totally simple and pleasant and withstands heavy vocals every so often we rush to check."

ISK Media (Croatian) "With this debut, Rocking Corpses have gained their first fans in Bosnia and Herzegovina."


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